A not so daily record of the soundtrack to my life.

Silent Alarm

So, I was just thinking I might as well get this out of the way. Quite simply, Silent Alarm is the best album that I’ve ever listened to from the best band I’ve ever listened to, Bloc Party.

For those of you who didn’t know, Bloc Party are indeed my favorite band and have been since I first heard them back in 2005. That was the year their debut album Silent Alarm was released, and although they’ve released two more albums since then, this is in my opinion their best work. It featured amazing guitar riffs by Russell Lissack, excellent bass playing from Gordon Moakes, and Matt Tong, one of the best drummers in the world. Combine that with the unique vocals of Kele Okereke, and it became the first album I ever listened to entirely without even thinking of skipping a track.

Matt Tong, Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes

Every song has a sense of urgency to it. Whether it be a song about anger, injustice, confusion with the world, bitterness over the daily routine of life, or even being desperately in love. There was something in every song I could, and still can, relate to.

So with that in mind I thought I would post the entire album, start to finish, right here on this blog!

The songs “Helicopter”, “Banquet”, “Pioneers”, “Little Thoughts”, “So Here We Are”, and “Compliments”  even have a music video to go along with them! Just click the small video button near the top left of the music player, and enjoy! :)


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