A not so daily record of the soundtrack to my life.

The American Dollar

So, a couple days ago I had a conversation with a friend in which she half-jokingly said to me, “I wish I was as stress free as you are.” to which I laughed because that isn’t true, I do stress out. I’m just a little quick  in the process of going from being faced with problems, to coming up with solutions. For me, it’s daily doses of calm music that help this process.

Recently I found out about this band called The American Dollar, that I think are brilliant.

The American Dollar

They create ambient, intrumental post-rock. I love their music because it creates such a moving surreal atmosphere which helps bring me back down to earth so to speak, great stress relief music. Here are a couple of my favorite songs by them, see and hear for yourself.




from the album "The Technicolour Sleep"

They released a new album called “Atlas” back in January, so if you like what you hear, check it out!

Peace :P


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