A not so daily record of the soundtrack to my life.

Introducing…Random Tuesdays! Vol. 1

So, in an ironic effort to add some form of consistency to this blog, I’m gonna try something new for awhile called Random Tuesdays. Essentially, every Tuesday I’ll post about five songs or videos that I like, at random, regardless of genre. This will guarantee I post at least once a week! Normally I try to make each of my posts revolve around the particular type or style of music I’m into at that moment, but most of the time I’m all over the place. On Random Tuesdays ANYTHING GOES! :]

CHILD REBEL SOLDIER – “US PLACERS”  (FEAT. THOM YORKE)                       Genre: Hip Hop

“All the money in the world, don’t make it pain-less”

LAURA VEIRS – “JULY FLAME”                         Genre: Alternative

“Can I call you mine?”

OH, SLEEPER – “VICES LIKE VIPERS”                         Genre: Metal

“Why do we keep what holds us? Why do I keep what holds me down?”

CRYSTAL CASTLES – “DOE DEER”                         Genre: Electronic

“Death ray, you need it.”

IMOGEN HEAP – “HIDE AND SEEK”                         Genre: Alternative

“You don’t care a bit, mm, no, you don’t care a bit.”


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