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So yeah, I’m thinking about expanding this blog to include other things BESIDES music. Like, movies, art, humour, video games, etc. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while because I don’t think I post on a frequent enough basis with this blog, so having more things to blog about would increase my output.

My average hits per day has been steadily declining as well. I get around 100 views per day now, and only have 26 people who’ve subscribed to the blog updates. I want to thank those amazing guys and gals for taking the time to visit this blog.

I’m not sure if I’ll just ditch this blog and start the new one, or try to transfer all these posts over (which would take  forever). If you’ve got any advice, hit me up using the contact buttons over in the sidebar :)

Here’s some cool music videos, so this post won’t be completely useless.






Rise & Walk Tall

He’s at it again. Two weeks after debuting “Tenderoni“, Kele has made two more songs from his upcoming solo debut, “The Boxer” available for listening.

“The Boxer” comes out on June 21st, 2010.

Kele – Tenderoni

I’ve had this on repeat for a while now. It’s the latest single from Bloc Party‘s front-man Kele Okereke‘s solo album. The track is called “Tenderoni”. The album itself is titled “The Boxer” and is set to be released on June 21st. Can’t wait!


Random Tuesdays! Vol. 2

Week two of the random inconsistency that is my musical taste. Enjoy?

DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH? – “DAWN OF THE DEAD”                         Genre: Alternative

“Today I stood and walked away, I’m never coming back this way”

JOHNNY FOREIGNER – “SALT, PEPPA, AND SPINDERELLA”                         Genre: Pop

“Bring out the real fun, turn on the real drums.”

NEAKO – “THREE FINGERS TO THE SUN”                         Genre: Hip Hop

“Bigger dreams, bigger callin’. That’s why I keep runnin’ and y’all crawlin'”

Yes, that’s “Lisztomania” by Phoenix, he’s using as a sample. CHECK IT OUT if you haven’t already.

PRINCE – “I WOULD DIE 4 U”                         Genre: Pop

“I’m not your lover, I’m not your friend. I am something that you’ll never comprehend”

DELPHIC – “THIS MOMENTARY”                         Genre: Electronic

“Let’s do something real.”

For Starters…

Okay, I’ll start off with some of my current favorite songs, just so you get an idea of what you might or might not be in store for in later posts. I’ll try to pick one song for each genre I listen to. Sooo here goes!? :]

“Always New Depths” by Bloc Party

Album: Silent Alarm Remixed

Genre: Alternative

“Foxy Lady” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Album: Are You Experienced

Genre: Rock

“The Sound of Truth” by As I Lay Dying

Album: An Ocean Between Us

Genre: Metal

“Notorious Thugs” by The Notorious B.I.G.

Album: Life After Death

Genre: Hip Hop

“Cause I Love You” by Lenny Williams

Album: Spark of Love

Genre: R&B / Soul

“India” by Jochen Miller

Album: India – EP

Genre: Trance

“Pogo” by Digitalism

Album: Idealism

Genre: Electronic

“Solo Impala (Take the Money and Run)” by The Fashion

Album: The Fashion

Genre: Pop

“Szamar Madar” by Venetian Snares

Album: Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett

Genre: Classical

ANNDDD that should be enough for now :P Or at least that’s all I can think of at the moment, I’m still not sure how to go about this whole blogging thing, but I’ll get the hang of it. I’ll post songs I like, albums worth checking out, music videos I find awesome. Random things that amuse me basically :]

Well anywho, I’m done for now. Lates! :D