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Random Tuesdays! Vol. 5

Sorry about the lack of new posts lately. I guess I’ve been enjoying my summer a little tooo much!I hope you guys have as well :P

In any case, here are some random favorites for this week.

ROBERT FRANCIS – “JUNEBUG”                         Genre: Alternative

“I remember everything. That was love I could not keep. You were beautiful then. I’m still in too deep.”

WAITING FOR EVANGELINE – “SYSTEM MALFUNCTION”                         Genre:Rock

“To make a change, you’ve got to raise your voice sometimes.”

EXAMPLE – “WATCH THE SUN COME UP (DEVIL’S GUN ZEITGEIST REMIX)”                         Genre: Electronic

“I want another day with you.”

MALUCA – “LOCA”                         Genre: Dance

ADD N TO (X) – “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER”                         Genre: Electronic